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Spidi AIRSTOP, functionalpants women

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Available in Man and Fit for Lady versions, the Spidi Airstop underwear set is born to preserve the body temperature at a comfortable level no matter the outside temperature. The Coolmax® fabric is the main element this set is made of: able to let body humidity outside, the Spidi Airstop set tends to stabilize the body temperature, thus contributing to keep a high level of riding comfort and minimizing the effects of outside temperature. Finally, the long time experience in Touring and Racing worlds allowed Spidi designers to create the Spidi Airstop right for the bikers needs, as all the cuts and stretch areas are projected to preserve the riding comfort, even after long hours on the bike. Airstop is a top, year-round product, born to satisfy even the most demanding motorcyclist. Airstop legs and chest can be purchased separately, but the best performance comes from the combination of the two. Materials: Stretch material inserts to improve fitting Comfort: Knitted cuffs

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