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Pro-Bolt Aluminium Fairing Bolt Kits - Black

Vendor: Demon Tweeks


These 'Aluminium fairing bolt kits' from Pro-Bolt are the perfect way to freshen up any motorcycle! With a large range of colour options to choose from they offer perfect results every time, whether you're looking to add some biking bling, replace those tired O.E fasteners or restore that modern classic to its former glory...These kits also feature the added bonus that they are model specific, meaning you get exactly what you need to do the job right...first time!Each fairing kit contains all the fasteners required to replace the bikes original visible fasteners on side fairings, front mudguard, belly pan, seat unit and nose cone - where applicable (please note screen kits are sold separately). Simply remove one bolt/fastener at a time and replace with an identical length Pro-Bolt equivalent, using the bikes original backing clip (Appropriate nuts are also included if this is not possible).Please note: Each kit comes supplied with Pro-Lube, anti-scratch washers and the relevant size Allen keys. Instructions are also provided for the correct torque settings.

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