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Pro-Bolt Parallel Allen Head Alloy Bolts - Pack Of 5 - M3 x 0.50mm x 30mm Blue

Vendor: Demon Tweeks


The lightweight Pro-Bolt Parallel Allen Head Alloy Bolts make it incredibly easy to replace lost, damaged or rusty bolts and are perfect where fitment into a recess is required. Material specification: 7075T73 Manufacturing process: Head: cold formed; Shank: thread rolled Anodising: Chemically brightened and colour anodised to between 8 and 12 microns thick Weight: 60% lighter than stainless steel - 40% lighter than titanium Corrosion: Resistant to saltwater, road film and mild acids Application: Aluminium is suitable for use in all non-safety critical areas - mudguards, screens, fairings, engine casings, huggers, fuel caps, number plates, lamp units, exhaust cans, heel plates, clutch levers, exhaust manifold brackets, fuel cap surround, air filter, car rocker covers, plus many more. Aluminium is not suitable for any stress area applications. Torque & Lubrication: In many cases aluminium is a softer, weaker alternative to the original bolts being removed, so usually a lower torque is required to prevent damage to your Pro-Bolt fastener. Please use the following guide: Thread Diameter M3 M4 M5 M6 M8 Max Torque in NM 0.75 1.20 2.50 5.00 10.00 Max Torque in ft/lbs 0.55 0.88 1.84 3.69 7.38 The Allen Head Bolt length measurements are taken from below the head. The number in the brackets is the thread length, unless otherwise stated thread length is the same as the bolt length. Sold as a pack of 5

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