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Pro-Bolt Tapered Allen Head Titanium Bolts - M6 x 1.00mm x 20mm (20mm) Natural

Vendor: Demon Tweeks


These Pro-Bolt Tapered Allen Head Titanium Bolts are made from aircraft grade Ti-6AL-4V titanium (Grade 5), the outstanding benefits are rolled threads that feature greater fatigue strength and reduced galling (where friction can cause two titanium components to bond together). These bolts have in excess of 120,000Psi ultimate tensile strength, suitable to replace both Grade 5 and Grade 8 steel bolts or any bolt in a stressed area.Material Specification: Ti-6AL-4VTi-6AL-4V, an alloy introduced in 1954, is a good general purpose grade. Its density is 0.160 pounds per cubic inch. It can be heat-treated to ultimate strengths in excess of 170,000psi and responds to heat treatment in sections up to 15mm. This alloy is stable at temperatures ranging from 217°C to over 538°C.Manufacturing Process: CNC machined from a solid bar.Ultimate Tensile Strength: 120,000Psi - 160,000PsiYield Strength: 115,000Psi - 145,000PsiWeight: 42% lighter than steelCorrosion Resistance: Very high resistance to corrosionTorque & Lubrication: Wherever possible, use torque values specified by your equipment manufacturer. For titanium fasteners in general use, please refer to the torque values listed. It is recommend antiseize or copper based paste be applied to the threads to prevent galling. Thread Diameter M3 M4 M5 M6 M8 M10 Max Torque in NM 1.73 3.57 6.90 11.1 28.3 37.6 The Allen Head Bolt length measurements are taken from below the head, the number in the brackets is the thread length.Sold Individually.

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