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Ognibene Chain And Sprocket Kit - ABS Model

Vendor: Demon Tweeks


Ognibene has been a well know in the chain industry for over 60 years and has been involved in motorcycle chains from the beginning. Ognibene's experience, technical ability and logistical service with chains is second to none!Ognibene chain and sprocket kits critical component parts of the chains are manufactured in Japan, and then shipped to the Far East for assembly. Ognibene chains are put through vigorous tests, analyzing the quality of materials, hardness and tolerance of chain components, these kind of tests insures the end user gets a reliable chain that they expect.Ognibene chain and sprocket kits are supplied with recommended grade of chain and trusted Afam sprockets. They use standard size sprockets and use steel rear sprockets unless stated.Supplied with a free 50ml can of chain lube. Kit does not come supplied with chain tool.Please Note: Free Can Of Chain Lube Only Applicable For UK Mainland Delivery,

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